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Once Upon A Lane Anniversary Sale!

In celebration of the publication anniversary of Once Upon A Lane, I have cut the price in half! Both ebook and paperback are half off! I’ll probably raise it after Christmas, so if you ever wanted to buy my book, this is the time to grab a copy!

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Twitter Art Micro-Stories: A List

Lately, I have been writing micro short stories on twitter based on incredible art and photos by the talented community there. These stories are scattered among my many other tweets, including excerpts from my book and many works-in-progress, and can be hard to find without a lot of scrolling.

So, for your reading convenience, I have collected them by month, indexed below (newest to oldest):



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Twitter Art Micro-Stories: January 1-7, 2021

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Twitter Art Micro-Stories: December 22-31, 2020

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Twitter Art Micro-Stories: December 15-21, 2020

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Twitter Art Micro-Stories: December 8-14, 2020

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Tiffany C. Lewis reviewed One Day To Live!

It is a great honor to be given the opportunity to read and review the paid stories that Duncan Wilson offers his Patreon Members. Find his membership here: https://www.patreon.com/DuncanWilson


I read Once Upon a Lane by Wilson not long ago and the stories offered on his Patreon membership exemplify his writing style, brilliant plotting and imagination. Additionally, Wilson never takes a break from teaching us important life lessons in the most exquisite way. His eloquent writing style is perfect for these affecting and often emotional stories. It definitely took everything in me to keep tears from falling during a few of the stories.

One Day to Live

This is a well written novella that slaps us in the face with the truth of our lives. He calls the setting in this story a self created prison and although he places it in a neat narrative with sci-fi tones, when you read this, you will understand what Wilson is doing. You’ll be uncomfortable and motivated all at the same time. Open your mind to what he’s telling you here.

Read the rest of the review over on Her Scribbled Thoughts!

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