It is a great honor to be given the opportunity to read and review the paid stories that Duncan Wilson offers his Patreon Members. Find his membership here:


I read Once Upon a Lane by Wilson not long ago and these six stories exemplify his writing style, brilliant plotting and imagination. Additionally, Wilson never takes a break from teaching us important life lessons in the most exquisite way. His eloquent writing style is perfect for these affecting and often emotional stories. It definitely took everything in me to keep tears from falling during a few of the stories.

Dear Me

This story is a sweet, short, funny letter to ourselves from ourselves. A scary reality where Wilson reminds us that years worth of the best advice are often, and maybe always, ignored. This story is a fun way to examine our day to day lives and to see how those things we may be neglecting are so important for us.

Yes Dear

A heartbreaking story about love, relationships and loss. Wilson does a brilliant job of moving the reader seamlessly through a life time of events and bringing them altogether to culminate in a tear jerking ending. The characters are very well done and without giving away too much, Wilson has a talent for making all the characters important, regardless of their physical proximity to the setting.

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